Antica Valserchio produces fabrics for accessories, clothing and furnishings for the most important brands of the international Fashion System.
The only Italian textile company that offers an orthogonal fabric production made with four different weaving technologies: from the traditional handmade Lucchese technique to latest generation solutions.

A Combination of innovation and high craftsmanship allows us to produce a wide range of high quality products totally Made in Italy.
Antica Valserchio represents the ideal partner for every customer who needs a highly specialized supplier who follows all of the stages of construction with a great level of know-how: from the creative proposal to product development, from industrialization to production.
The high quality of our products is strongly characterized by use of noble fibers that respect the highest standards of environmental compliance and safety.

Antica Valserchio EVOLVE its product

To the traditional characteristics of appearance, softness, color and design that have always characterized the Antica Valserchio product, a new and fundamental qualitative element is added to prevent bacteria and viruses from staying on the surface.

Through the collaboration with the Swiss company Heiq, a leader in technological innovation for the treatment of fabrics, Antica Valserchio is now able to offer products with effective properties against the contamination and transmission of viruses and bacteria that use fabrics as a hosting surface.

This formula is added to the fabric with an advanced technological process, leaving the physical, chemical and softness characteristics of the product unaltered.

With this partnership, the Product evolves, further raising the already very high quality of the product range and enriching them with specific functions.

With this partnership we further raise the quality of the product range by enriching it with functional elements

HEIQ, VIROBLOCK and HEIQ VIROBLOCK are trademark(s) or registered trademark(s) and properties of HeiQ Materials AG.

Re-VersoTM – Circular by Origin

Re-engineered Wool and Cashmere

Re-VersoTM is a new production approach that combines science and technology, in order to create a circular economy production system for high quality wool and cashmere, 100% Made in Italy, from prestigious partners, which represent an integrated, transparent system and traceable.

Re-VersTMo is Pre-Consumer and Takeback.
Do you have 100% wool and 100% cashmere processing scraps?
Find out more about Pre-Consumer!

Are you interested in involving your customers in a circular economy project?
Find out more about Takeback!



Project co-financed by the POR FESR Toscana 2014 – 2020
ASSE 1.1.4 – AZIONE 1.1.5

With the T&S project, Antica Valserchio has obtained patents on innovative technologies and materials in order to create a production process characterized by the possibility of making a textile product identifiable and traceable.

The production process carried out, characterized by the use of nanotechnologies and ad hoc processes, had as its objective a potential element of fight against product counterfeiting, a problem currently very much felt in the world of tailoring and high fashion.

Project results:

A patent that concerns the obtainment of a 2D piezochromic and piezo / photochromic fluorescent nano-structuring pigment used as a tracer to uniquely mark and / or identify fibers and / or yarns and / or fabrics and / or garments also intended hereinafter as textile accessories for clothing.
A patent relating to textile products dyed with the cold dyeing method, in the presence of intelligent pigment, of fluorescent dyes and / or optical brighteners, which are used as tracers to uniquely mark and / or identify fibers and / or yarns and / or fabrics and / or garments, also intended hereinafter as textile accessories for clothing and to make a textile accessory for clothing with high visibility and light fastness.
A patent relating to textile products dyed with the cold dyeing methods, in the presence of dyes and / or intelligent piezochromic and fluorescent pigments with high visibility to produce the so-called NEON or FLUO textile products.

The project was co-financed by the Tuscany Region for 536,968.82 euros.

ti con il metodi di tintura a freddo, in presenza di coloranti e/o pigmenti intelligenti piezocromici e fluorescenti ad alta visibilità per produrre i cosiddetti prodotti tessile NEON o FLUO.

Il Progetto è stato cofinanziato dalla Regione Toscana per 536.968,82 euro.